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A lot of people are new to microgreens. So I thought we should try to explain a little about microgreens. Microgreens are small versions of many of the herbs and veggies you typically have in your garden. The difference is they are much smaller. Typically microgreens are grown 10-21 days after germination. Microgreens are about 1-3" in height and are very nutrient rich. Research done at University of Maryland concluded that Microgreens depending on variety had 4-40 times the nutrient value of the same mature variety. Microgreens also have a lot more flavor packed into a small package.

Microgreens can be used on sandwiches, salads, in sauces and more. We grow our microgreens in 10"x10" flats Each flat has botanical Grodan mat that the seeds are grown on. This may is molten rock that is heated and spun like cotton candy. Keeping the Grodan moist will allow the microgreens to continue to grow but they will never fruit because of space and the fact they are seeded so densely. You cut off what you need as you need it. The only time microgreens need to be refrigerated is when too much is cut and you don't plan on using immediately. Most of our clients keep the trays on the window sill or a place in the kitchen where it can have access to light and airflow. Shelf life is a weak or more with our microgreens. Some of the varieties we grow here at Oxbow Farm include:

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