Snow, moving and more SNOW

Past few days have been crazy. We finally got moved into the house! The weird thing is this is the first move that very little has been broken. The few things that have been broken are easily replaceable. I think we live in a sea of boxes but it will get there. Little by little we are getting through it. I think the idea to get a shipping conex was the best idea ever. We packed everything up when we left the house in town and had it hauled up the Glade Park to our property. This made moving in so much easier than doing a storage unit down in the valley. Not to mention how much is saved in gas not having to go up and down the monument multiple times. Conex was about 20 yards away. We had some friends from our church up here at Glade Park come in and help move stuff in which was a huge help. Best part most everything got moved in before the recent snow started melting and it got muddy. Now it's just a matter of setting stuff up and unpacking everything.

It is my hope that I can get the shop and leather shop set up this week. It looks as though I will be having another ankle surgery in the coming weeks. So I definitely want to get that set up before I have surgery. The good news is this time around the tendon is not breaking down the nerve in my ankle is just scarred in and creating issues in both pain and numbness in my toes. After 3 previous surgeries I really hope this is it surgery wise.

Seems like every couple days we get a little bit more snow. Nothing too big ,an inch or two. It makes things a bit muddy when it melts it gets really muddy. That's the only thing that worries me about being on crutches. The mud. Up here on Glade Park the mud is like thick cake batter and sticks to everything it touches.