why we are switching to sheep?

To say 2021 was a rough year is an understatement. We have loved having goats but goats have been rough. We have tried several times to launch a boar goats in our heard. They just never took off and thrived. The dairy goats have done OK for us. They have given us the milk we need for our personal care line of soaps and lotions. One of the things that has been hard for us is dealing with Polio.

Polio with goats is a little different than in humans. Polio is not passed from goat to goat. It generally happens with a thymine issue. Goats are prey animals and being such they are masters at hiding issues. Most of the time you won't notice that there is something up until they are down. With Polio its a neurological disorder. Walking issues, looking skyward etc. Most of the time once you find a goat with it polio the odds of saving the goat is less than 5%

We have made the decision to move to raising sheep. More specifically Churro sheep. These sheep are sheared twice a year so the fiber is more than traditional sheep. Sheep are also more disease resistant. One thing that we have noticed is that sheep are easier to contain than goats. They don't challenge fences like a goat will. Goats are escape artists. Since sheep don't challenge a fence like a goat the man hours chasing down escaped animals is less. Granted rams will scape during mating season but they can be contained separate from the ewes.

We are looking forward to this new adventure.