We got our C.O.

We finally got our C.O. ( Certificate of Occupancy). Basically its just a paper from the county that says our house if a house and that everything is above board and safe to occupy. Every stage of construction every little thing has to be inspected and signed off on. I know it's a good thing for home owners like us but at times it seems to be a little over kill. One such point was when the house was being taken off temporary power and put on permanent power. Temp power was cut off, then it had to be inspected and then another inspection done when perm power was finished about 90 minutes later. 2 different inspectors, 2 different trucks coming from town up to Glade Park. It just seemed to me at that point in time to be a waste of tax payer money and county resources. Couldn't things be done in a more efficient manner? I guess at the end of the day the big thing is we are done and are in the house and that is what is important.

We have started moving some stuff into the house. The mud has really been an issue. So far this winter the ranch has gotten about 12" of snow and the past few days with warmer temps all that snow is melting. The dirt here at the ranch is a very clay rich soil. Great for retaining water or for doing a pond or lake. It's hell if you have to walk through it. You leave the porch in muck boots you go 20 yards and you grew 5" and have platform heels from the 70's on. It's bad really bad.

The majority of the weekend has been spent doing post construction clean up and painting the last few rooms. We still have 2 rooms to go. The living room and the leather shop. I think like everything else about starting this farm and ranch it's a process. We just have to take it one step at a time and one day at a time.