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What is Aquaponics

What is Aquaponics?

We get asked this all the time. Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture ( growing fish ) and hydroponics ( growing plants in soilless environment). It's a self containing system that both the fish and the plants depend on each other to survive. If the fish die the plants die and vise versa.

See in this system water flows from the fish tank to gravel filled grow beds. This dirty water filled with fish waste is toxic to the fish but has all the nutrients the plants need to survive. These grow beds are on a flood and drain system. Waster floods the grow beds allowing the plant roots to be flooded with much needed nutrients. When these beds drain they drain into a a tank that has a pump that water is them pumped back into the fish tank. When water is pumped back into the fish talk the water is now clean for the fish.

Growing in this manner all of the water is constantly circulation in this manner. Our systems loose about 2% of the total water volume between what the plants take up and evaporation. The system circulates about 300 gallons of water. This allows us to grow year round and grow faster than traditional in ground farms. Currently we grow on a continuous cycle. New plants are being added to the system in regular intervals. Some of the produce we got include tomatoes, cucumber, squash, a variety of peppers and salad greens.


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