Gearing up for Spring

January has proven to be another crazy month. We are working hard getting seeds started for this coming spring and summer season. Our plan is to have more large tomatoes this season than we did last year. As always we will have a wide variety of peppers both sweet and hot both in ground and in our aquaponic systems. We are hoping to have things wrapped up by March adding our 12'x16' greenhouse which will be home to two more aquaponic systems. These systems will feature floating troughs for our head greens as well as other veggies. We have recently started 72 cells of crook neck squash which we hope will be part of this new system as well. We are still weighing options on whether this new system will have tilapia or trout. Tilapia has served us well so far but moving fish indoors for the winter is quite labor intensive.

As many of you know who follow our Facebook page we have been having some issues with a neighbor that is only here part time. Part time as in less then 1 week per month. They filed a complaint against our urban farm with the county over our all female hens. We have had a huge outpouring of support from not only our clients, egg customers but from others who support the urban farm movement and who want access to fresh local produce. We have filed a variance with the county which is like a exception. To be perfectly honest our farm in in the county. Our local HOA only governs over irrigation water. The county is trying to say we fall under city rules even though we are not city. Currently we are selling roughly 8-10 dozen eggs a week from our 25+ hens. All of our immediate neighbors support what we are doing with the exception of the part time neighbors. We have had another local farmer offer to help us in our fight with the variance which has been huge. We are so blessed to have his help with all this. As this fight continues we will keeps things updated here and on our FB page. If you would like to help by writing a letter on our behalf feel free. We welcome the support. Letter can be sent
here. Our next meeting with the county is on Feb 28. We will keep the site and our FB page updated as we move forward.