We think our girls lay the best eggs in the valley but the we may be a bit partial! Our hens eat a high protien diet. No antibiotics or hormones for these girls.  We have a wide range of ages and breeds here at Oxbow Farms. Barred Rock, Wyandotes, RI Reds, just to name a few. Most of our eggs are brown but some are a light green in color. Due to the ages not all eggs will be the same size heck some of the eggs are so big they barely fit in the egg carton! Our eggs sell for $5 per dozen. Currently we deliver eggs on Thursday to our residential customers in Grand Junction and Orchard Mesa and Clifton areas. .

Some of the benefits of Farm Fresh Eggs over store bought eggs include:
Less Cholesterol
Less Saturated Fat
Increase Vitamin A, E and D
Higher Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Higher Beta Carotene
Egg Size Are Larger
Eggs Have More Flavor
Color of the Yoke is Brighter and Not Pale in Color
Animals in a Farm Environment are Treated Better then Factory Farms
Farm Eggs are Fresher then Store Bought Eggs

Pictured below is a few of our girls.

our girls

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