Oxbow Farm is one of the only ranches in Mesa County raising yaks. Currently we have a small herd of yaks. We grow our yaks primarily for fiber but some of the animals are for meat. Yaks are "beasts of burden". Yaks are used as pack animals in the Himalayan , Indian, and Tibetan regions. Yaks thrive in low temperatures as low as -40 degrees F. Fiber from yaks are used as felt, thread and yarn. Our herd is used as fiber producers for felt and yarn. The down interior fiber is great for felt, yarn and other textiles. The other fiber is much coarser and can be used in tying fishing flies, making ropes and other applications. We sell fiber by the ounce. To purchase fiber just Contact Us



Our meat animals are all grass fed and like all animals on our ranch is antibiotic and hormone free. Yak meat is very similar to beef but is much leaner in fat.It's closer to bison or elk in that respect. Contact us today for information and dates when we think our yak meat will be available.
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