Currently Oxbow Farm has a herd of about 30+ goats. Most of our herd are Nigerian Dwarfs. We chose Nigerian Dwarfs for a couple reasons. The first reason being their size. As adults they max out at about 100 pounds and are roughly the size of a black lab dog. Their small size means they are going to be easier for not only us to handle but our human kids as well. Another reason we chose this breed is the fact they are very social. They love people and want to be by people when ever possible. Many of our goats are like dogs they want affection and a good scratch behind the ears. This breed is not for someone who wants to put them in a pasture and leave them be. They are very vocal and provide a lot of entertainment as they play king of the hill or jump on boxes, wooden spools and other things we have in their pastures.

Goats Milk Products
Our goats will be part of our own breeding program. When our does are in milk the milk will be used in different products that include soaps, lotions and more. These products will officially launch in Summer of 2020 just in time for farmers markets. Catch us at local markets or contact us directly.

Weed Abatement
The male goats and wethers ( castrated goats) will be part of a weed abatement program where starting in spring 2020 we will rent out goats on a weekly basis to take care up unwanted plants and vegetation for land owners. Once that program is up and running you will find info right here. We are still putting all the finishing touches on this program. Goats are amazing grazers and will eat vegetation other livestock won't touch. Things like sagebrush, weeds, pine trees and more. On average our goats can clear 1 acre of land in less then a week. This makes them a low cost alternative for brush and weed control. No pesticides or other chemicals. Its a environmentally friendly way to handle weeds and brush. The other benefit is the solid waste the goats produce which is excellent fertilizer. Goats are rented out for $75 per month. We take care of all fencing , watering and additional hay drop offs. To find out more about this program
contact us


Pictured above is Jackson one of our kids


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