Oxbow Farm works with wild mustangs gathered from BLM (Bureau of Land Management) ranges and gentles and in some cases saddle breaks these horses. In the summer of 2022 we are hoping to have horses available for adoption and sale. Future plans also include riding time, trail rides and clinics. For more info on our mustangs Contact Us
Wild Mustangs are icons of the American West. They are descendants of horses abandoned by Spanish explorers in the 16th Century. American Wild Horses roam 10 Western US states and are considered feral animals. These horses can be gentled and saddle broke just like any horse and can be ridden for trails, rodeo or pleasure riding. Mustangs have very muscular bodies and extremely hard hooves. Most people do not shoe their mustangs because of their hard hooves. They are well suited for any riding environment you put them in. Most of the horses we bring in from the BLM have never been worked with by human hands. These are amazing animals and one we love and think you will too.


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