Navajo Churro Sheep

Oxbow Farm currently has a Churro herd of about 10 and by the end of 2022 we hope to nearly double this size. These sheep are listed as endangered. The sheep have a estimated number of about 4,000 nationwide. These sheep are prized not only for the fiber but for their meat as well. They are a medium size sheep and one that is of great importance to the Native Americans. Their culture has been linked to these sheep for generations. The sheep are well suited for the high desert climate we have here in the southwest.We are working hard to help bring these sheep back and to do our park to ensure that these traditions are not lost to future generations of Native Americans and traditional weavers.

Starting in Spring of 2022 we will be shearing and we hope to have fiber available for fiber artists and weavers alike. To find out more please
contact us


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