Starting in 2020 Oxbow Farm will be offering meat chickens and turkeys. Our birds will be pasture raised and not given antibiotics or hormones. These birds will be grown naturally and be able to free range eat bugs and do everything a bird should. We feel that pasture raised meat is better for the environment and makes a for a tastier end product. Contact Us today to be put on the preorder list for both turkey and chicken. Don't miss out on these flavorful birds raised naturally!


Our pasture raised chicken will be available from June through November. Birds are done in batches of 20 birds and are available about 12-14 weeks. We strongly urge clients to get their name on the waiting list for birds. Birds are sold first come first serve. Once all the birds are sold in a batch that is it until the next batch is ready.


Turkeys are raised a little differently then chickens. Turkeys are raised in a set number each year and not done in batches like chickens. Turkeys are processed in early November so they will be ready for the holiday season. Given the limited number of raised turkeys preorders and waiting list clients will get priority and any left over birds will be available first come first serve.


Quail are raised and during the spring and summer months. We sell both birds and eggs. The quail we raise are Coturnix are one of the classifications of Japanese Quail. Our Quail range in colors and feather styles. For more information on our quail feel free to reach out!

Chicks are available for most of the year for chicken. Chicks are not shipped at the time and it is pick up or meet up only. Most of the chicks we have available are blue and brown egg layers. To purchase or order chicks please contact us.

cooked chicken

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