Fall is in the air!

Fall is definitely in the air. Here up on the park the night time temps are dropping like a brick. Things are always changing here at the ranch. As of this writing we have 4 hogs available for purchase to take to your processor of your choosing. This is our first round of pigs that have been grown here on pasture.

We are on our third batch of meat birds. Most of our meat chickens have been growing to about 4-7 pounds. We currently have about 4 birds available. Our meat birds sell for $4.50 per pound and are all free range. Our first round of turkey processing will be in the next couple weeks as well. It will coincide with our chicken processing .

We are also looking for volunteers to help around the ranch. You don't have to have experience we can train you! This is open to college students looking to intern with a working ranch or just people that maybe want to farm but don't have the space for animals or the acreage to do it themselves. Volunteers would be assisting us in taking care of the over 100 animals on the ranch, building farm structures, and other tasks around the farm. If you support local ag and want to help us out
contact us to find out more and to set up a farm tour.